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“ I want to order 3 bottles of 911 Relief product.  It’s great”    Donna-Abiline,TX


“I am writing about a product called 911 Relief.  I work in a school cafeteria, and was burned very bad.  I sprayed myself with the 911 and I wanted to tell you that this stuff is great.  My burn did not even blister at all it was not even tender, again I say this is great stuff.”   Magaret -Nettleton, MS


“911 Relief is wonderful on poison ivy.  The itch stopped immediately and the blisters dried up overnight.  Your product was a miracle for us a couple of weeks ago.”  Georgia -Sucess,AR


“I wanted to let you know how much I like your 911 Relief product.  We were at the beach on Memorial Day  weekend, and my 7 year old daughter was stung by a Man-of-War jellyfish.  We sprayed 911 on her arm and within minutes she quit crying and said it wasn’t hurting anymore.  We go to the beach as often as we can and always take 911 Relief just in case someone is stung or sunburn, it eases the pain of sunburn also.”  

Phyllis t-LaGrange, TX


“This morning we had an incident in the clinic involving a student and myself, and you made a believer of me.  A little boy came into the Clinic crying and complaining of pain on his foot.  When I removed his boot a scorpion came out and stung me too.  We were both running around the clinic screaming and crying.  On one of the passes by the desk, I grabbed the 911 bottle and sprayed us with it.  The throbbing pain subsided to only a minimal stinging sensation, and then to nothing.  There was no evidence of any swelling or redness within a half hour.  Can your product be purchased across the counter?  I ask because the little boy’s mother was so impressed that she wanted to buy some for her personal use at home.” 

Carolyn  R.N.-Health Services Dept-LaGrange, TX


“Just two days after my husband started radiation therapy treatment at the world famous Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts, I showed the physicians in charge a bottle of 911.  They read the ingredients and said “Try It”.  Everyday after treatment, I would spray my husband’s neck, chest, and back area.  I repeated this process two to three times a day as radiation is one of the most severe burns one can have.  After six weeks of daily exposure and repeated burning to this area, my husband was the only patient not to have sick discomfort.  As a internationally recognized Wellness lecturer and nurse, I give full support to 911 Relief.  We are grateful to have been introduced to it.”  Karen -Tyingsboro, MA


“My wife and I were on vacation last summer down in Texas, when we went thru the town of Palestine.  The wife had been bitten by a bug so we went into a local store, and got a spray of 911 Relief.  This product works so well we would like to know if there is someplace close to where we live, that we can buy some more.  We even have a lot of people we run around with that would like to buy some.”  Al -Moline, ILL


“In regards to your 911 Relief antibacterial spray to relieve burns, itching, sunburn, insect bite irritation.  How can I order some of this from you?  I used this 911 at my neighbors’ house-It really helped me.  Please let me hear from you soon about ordering it.”  Verlin Goucher-Huntsville,AR


“I am the City Secretary of the City of O’Donnell, Texas.  For the past several years we have been using 911 Relief spray for cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and stings.  I am very pleased with the performance of this product and will continue to use it.”  Gustene -City of O’Donnell, TX


“I began to believe in 911 Relief after several usages myself.  The most compelling was a situation with my mother.  Her doctors attempted to correct a heart rhythm problem by shocking her three times.  This left very painful burns on both her chest and back.  The hospital wanted to apply a cream; however, Mother could not stand for the area to be touched.  I carried 911 Relief spray to the hospital and began to spray her every few hours.  Mother feels 911 Relief was a Life Saver because it gave her both immediate and continuous relief without having to be touched.  Thank you for such a wonderful product!”  Susan -Decatur, AL


“The 911 Relief is extremely popular, being used on mosquito bites, ant bites, flea bites, sunburn, cuts, scrapes, heat rash, athletes foot, and probably other things I am not aware of.  You should be able to add, ‘Field tested by U.S. Army soldiers in the deserts of Iraq and Kuwait, with flying colors.’  Again thanks from me and all my fellow soldiers for the 911 Relief.”  CW3 Holland US Army


"I want to share with you some information about the 911 Relief spray.  My niece's dog (a Yorkie) lost all its hair from the waist down & even the vet didn't know what was causing it.  She put some 911 spray on the dog.  Now it's hair is all coming back in.  I just wish I had gotten a photo of before and after to you.  This is a remarkable product."     Marjorie  - Tennessee


"Hi again---You will probably be getting more requests from around here.  I live in Ascension Parish (Gonzales, LA), and my daughter lives in East Baton Rouge Parish (in Baton Rouge, LA).  We have a huge family.  One of our Aunts (from Tennessee) visited recently and brought her 911 Relief spray.  She couldn't wait to show us how well it worked on various skin conditions.  Since the mosquito is our (Louisiana's) state bird, the chance to use it came quickly.  Many of my nieces and nephews and grandchildren are very allergic to mosquito bites.  Your product was awesome.  It didn't take long for someone to get a really bad burn.  My Mother in her late 70's proclaimed 911 was truly the best burn relief she has ever used.  We all love your product and look forward to getting some as soon as it is available."  Billie in Louisiana


"I tried your wonderful product, 911 Relief, and it really works good.  As a matter of fact it works great.  I am a correctional officer and a bee or mosquito or another insect stung me on the neck while outside working.  I checked around in one first aid kit and found 911 Relief spray.  I put just a little on my bite and it was wonderful.  The reddness went away, and the hardness of the bite, also went away.  Where can you buy this great product.  Please let me know where to buy some of this great product".  J.  in Louisiana.


"Thank you for your wonderful product & for your old fashioned business manner.  It's good to know that in this high tech world I can always deal with a "real" person with a great product."  Wanda - school nurse in Texas


"I finally got rid of the last bottle of 911 Relief, and it was probably the most needed!  A two year old girl got stung multiple times by fire ants at our soccer game.  Her parents got the ants off as quickly as possible, but the baby was crying and screaming in pain.  I ran to my vehicle and got the last bottle from the box.  I put the 911 Relief  on the baby's arm, and wiped with my hand.  The baby immediately was calm.  Needless to say the mother bought the bottle!  My own boys think 911 Relief spray is a staple in our home.  We moved last weekend and my oldest son (12 years old) said, "Did you pack the 911?"  Thanks so much for sharing this product with Brownwood.   Denise - Texas


"I am a firm believer of 911 Relief now.  I have basil cell carcinoma cancer on my face.  I have had two surgeries and skin graft on the side of my face and about 30 frozen off.  I was using prescribed medicine from my dermatologist that was not helping.  I decided to try 911 Relief.  In three days it is beginning to heal now."  Dorothy


"I am writing to inform you of the product you allowed this facility to use for the past year.  The 911 Relief spray in our opinion is a great product.  We use it almost every day to treat scrapes, burns, cuts, and insect bites from the fire ant.  The spray reduces infection and pain in an outstanding manner.  The cuts, burns, and abrasions seem to heal more quickly and we attribute the healing to the 911 Relief product.  The employees at MATES #93 consistently suffer injuries due to the type of work and environment the works is conducted in, and 911 Relief is the mainstay of our first aid products.  Thank you for allowing us to try the product.  Clayton CSM, LAARNG Dept of the Army